12 Favorites from KOOVS Sale: JULY

Happy August, lovelies! 

Well, August is my favorite because it’s my Birthday month and I’m already so excited as I’m leaving for Home to celebrate my Birthday with my family. Ever since I came to Delhi after my 12th, Continue reading “12 Favorites from KOOVS Sale: JULY”




Summer here is getting extreme with each day passing by and its becoming impossible to dress up or look good in this weather. It has almost become a task to get up every morning, thinking Continue reading “AS I LIKE IT”



Living in Delhi for three and half years has molded me from a small town girl to an independent city girl. I now love the busy city life so much so that my future plans involve everything that’s got to do with this lifestyle. Continue reading “SWEET ESCAPE”



KOOVS being one of India’s best online stores has never ceased to amaze me. Whether it’s their in house designs or various other UK based brands, every piece in the site is drool worthy and its no surprise to see celebrities sporting their brand. Continue reading “#GilesAtKOOVS”


Hi lovelies!


First of all, my sincere apologies for delaying this post. April was an ‘Ah-Mazing’ month for me and I hope yours was no less and let’s pray and hope that May will be an even better month for all of us. If you have been following me on Instagram, you must be aware of the fact that I got my first paid internship at Koovs and I am super excited to join the team. There’s nothing better than doing what you love the most. Right? 🙂 Continue reading “APRIL 2015 FAVORITES”