Hey loves!

Welcome back. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done an outfit post so I’m kinda excited for this one. For those who aren’t new to my blog (or Instagram) you already know that I’m all about repeating clothes and how much I believe in mixing and matching an already worn outfit to make a new one! So this post is pretty much all about that.

How I dress depends on my mood because there are days when I wanna go all out and be as dolled up and feminine as possible and then there are some days when I just wanna wear my old ripped jeans and loose tees. Being someone who loves both her skirts and ripped jeans, I always try to create an outfit which can look good when worn with both my ripped denims and skirts.



Although I admit that this does not happen very often but when it does, I make sure I wear it in both ways depending on the occasion or event I’m headed to.  For instance, if I were to attend a bloggers meet, I would wear the one with the ripped jeans because I like being all casual and comfortable in events like these. On the contrary, I would most likely wear the latter one (with the skirt) for formal events or if I’m attending the church service. 



As you can see, in both the looks, I have kept everything else similar, except the bottoms to show how one single clothing item can change the whole look and feel of an outfit.

The other reason why I’m showcasing these two outfit ideas is because I know that most of my readers have different taste in fashion. While some of you like something edgy, super casual and laid back, the others are more inclined towards sophisticated dressing. So I thought that it will be great to put up two outfit ideas for you all to pick your favorite!

Do let me know which one you like better! 🙂

Outfit details:

  • Top: H&M (Similar HERE and HERE)
  • Sleeveless jacket: Forever21 (Similar HERE and HERE)
  • Ripped denims (LOOK 1): Forever21 (Similar HERE)
  • Lace skirt (LOOK 2): Thrifted (Similar HERE)
  • Heels: ZARA (Similar HERE)
  •  Bag: Gifted; FabAlley (Similar HERE)
  • Neck piece: Gifted (Similar HERE)

Photography by NEELU TRIPATHI (You can follow her on INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK)


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