WhatAShaadi App Launch


One of the perks of being a blogger is getting to attend some of the coolest events in town and also getting to have a first look (or information) about anything that’s newly launched whether it’s a clothing brand or well, simply an App. So I recently got invited to the app launch of ‘WhatAShaadi‘ which you must already be aware of, if you’re following me on my INSTAGRAM and SNAPCHAT (mawi_neitham).

First up, I’m a sucker for all things nice and pretty and I literally drolled over the whole set up at the event. This is hand down by far the prettiest event that I’ve ever attended!

Coming to the App, WhatAShaadi is basically a mobile app that’s designed to simplify the process of wedding planning, offering a one stop shop to all your wedding needs. This awesome app literally makes wedding preparations a click away and ensures that everything is perfect to the ‘T’ on your wedding day. Finding vendors to browsing through their best works and choosing the right fit in a comfortable zone, WhatAShaadi offers a solution for every bride and groom to help them plan their special day impecaably!

I personally love the whole concept of the app and I think that it’s such a one of a kind app provided the fact that weddings though exciting can get crazy once the preparations begins. So this app can really come in handy, making every bride and groom’s wedding preparation a lot easier. Kudos to the team for being so creative and putting forth a well-thought platform which will help minimize time consumption on wedding planning!

Sneha Singh, Rahul Lakhaney and Natasha Dang
Co founders Sneha Singh, Rahul Lakhaney and Natasha Dang

Rahul Lakhaney and Natasha DangSneha Singh and Natasha Dangsssss

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You can download the app on Google Play and App Store. You can also find them in INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK.


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