SHOEGASM ft. TalonsDor

There’s nothing that makes me happier than beautiful shoes. I totally agree with the statement, ” Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. I am most definitely a shoe lady. I can buy a pair every week if I seriously let my obsession take over me and I love collecting shoes because I believe that it can jazz up any outfit instantly.

It’s always nice to come across yummy shoes which is certain to help you stand out of the crowd and nicer still, is when you’re the only one who owns that pair of shoes. Umm…confused? Well, it is now possible to have your own customised pair of shoes without having to ‘twin’ with someone else, all thanks to this one of a kind (a.k.a Awesome) online site called TALONSD’OR. Here, you can have fun customising your own shoes just the way you like it, from the type of shoe to the color and material as well. Isn’t that just so wonderful? I mean, it’s not everyday that you find the ‘perfect’ shoes that you’ve been wanting since ages. Kudos to the team for being such creative human beings and making our lives a lot easier. 

When I was designing my heel, I wanted something casual but at the same time which can take any of my outfit up a notch. Keeping that in mind, I decided to glam up the heel by adding glitter to it and kept the other part simple with a dark purple color. I’ve chosen this color since I have never owned a purple heel and also because the color is quite a task to find in the market. I love how it turned out because both the color compliments each other really well. In order to keep the shoes in the limelight, I chose a very simple printed dress with a crop tee which I think is perfect for a brunch date look. It’s pretty casual yet the heels totally glams up the whole outfit. 

If you’re a shoe addict like me or just someone who’s on the lookout for a unique pair of heels, TalonsD’or is the place to be. You can check out their website here : 🙂



Outfit details:

  • Crop tee: Forever21 (similar HERE)
  • Dress: H&M (similar HERE)
  • Heels: TalonsD’or
  • Earrings: SheInside (similar HERE)
  • Clutch: ZARA (similar HERE)

Feel free to connect with me on my FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER

You can find TalonsD’or on their INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page as well. 

{Photo credits: NEELU TRIPATHI}



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