POP HANGOVER ft. The Souled Store


Hello everyone!

I hope you all are having an amazing and productive week. I have been so occupied with my assignments and submissions lately but now, I’ve finally got time to get back to the only thing I love doing the most ❤ 

Today’s post is something that’s inspired from the pop culture and all things quirky. We all love graphic prints, don’t we? I love colors though you might not see that on my outfits most of the time but yes, prints and bold colors make me very happy! There’s something about them that automatically stands out. I also love the idea of adding some quirkiness in all things possible from a clothing item like a tee or sweatshirt to coffee mugs, phone covers, bags, notebooks and so on. They’re hands down better than anything plain, any day!


Having said that, I have come across an online store called THE SOULED STORE which offers a wide range of pop culture products ranging from tee shirts (for both Men and Women) to phone covers, mugs, shoes and bags! Their products are also inspired from different genres and themes like anime, music, cartoons, superheroes and so on. Everything on the site is very pocket friendly and won’t burn a hole in your pocket because I know that the struggle of a college(or school) going kid is real!! 😀

I received a very cool tote bag, a coffee mug and a notebook (which BTW has already become my new favorite!) Being a college kid myself I can relate all these products to the life of a college student so taking inspiration from the same, I decided to put together a look which is appropriate for any other college day. This look is super casual and laid back yet at the same time very chic and fashionable. I love how all these products automatically adds up to the whole ‘college vibe’ thing.  

I also love their collection of slogan and graphic tees which I think you should totally have a look (HERE). This online store is surely a life saver for most of the college students out there who are living their lives within a given budget (just like me). 😀 So do make sure to check out their collection by visiting www.thesouledstore.com because I’m sure you will all love their products as much as I do!

You can also connect with them on their INSTAGRAM (here) and FACEBOOK (here)



Hope you all liked the #BackToCollege outfit that I have created and you all can always connect with me through my INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK. 

I will also be announcing an exciting giveaway so make sure you follow me on INSTAGRAM ❤ 🙂

Until next time,

Much love!





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