Been away for quite a long time. Not going to make any excuses. There are so many things that’s been going on in my life and on my mind. Honestly speaking, I’ve been depressed since the past couple of weeks. Apart from not wanting to do anything due of my illness, I have been feeling quite low because of so many reasons. I like keeping my problems to myself even though I know that sharing it with someone helps.I have been dealing with this depression and I don’t know what exactly can cure it. I just feel like being all alone, turn up the music and just shout at the top of my voice and let all my frustration out. Oh! And Shopping helps! But here’s the problem- 1) I live with my PGmates and 2) I’m too broke to shop. So you see, another problem to my ‘problem’. 

I’m a person who loves the people who are dear to me with all my heart. But when people try to mess up with me, I just can’t take that. (Typical LEO trait) There’s no denying about the fact that I have an ego problem which is why I get hurt and mad easily. The point here is that sometimes I expect more from others because I would be willing to do that much for them. But when they don’t, it just dissapoints and breaks my heart. Now I don’t want to go around and prove my point to every single person so at the end of the day I’m always the ‘B'(if you know what I mean). But being a human I have now convinced myself that this is just a phase in life. Also, you can’t please Everyone (especially not the one’s who have let you down, right?) Just like they say, “Haters Gonna Hate, Potatoes gonna Potate”. 

Depression is something that can happen to anyone and for me its a way of testing our strength. You can’t let depression hit you! Truly speaking I wanted to give up everything and just go back home. But I realized that I’m not the girl who’s just going to let a small thing like depression bring me down. I reminded myself how blessed I am and all the good things that happened to me. You know, when something bad happens to us, we always think only about the bad things and tend to forget the greater things that happened in our lives.We forget God’s tremendous blessings and instead question Him only about the small little problem that has hit us. Thinking about it, it just gave me another good reason to Thank God for all His Love and blessings. Everything happens for a reason, so I guess this might be one of the reasons why I have gone through that uncomfortable phase. I now feel so much better and happier and all kinds of positivity. 

So this  was one of the reasons why I stopped blogging, apart from my illness and hectic college work. No outfit posts as such today because I just felt like sharing this with all you beautiful readers and remind you that nothing can destroy us. No problem or depression is bigger than our self confidence. Just trust yourself and your ability to get back up when anything bad strikes you. Just love yourself enough to not let anything or anyone break you, EVER! 


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