“When Life gets hard, you need a little bouquet of flowers just to brighten your day.” 

Flowers are always the best way to express emotions and feelings towards our loved ones. They have the power to light up anyone’s face with a smile and that’s the beauty of it. It’s always a great idea to gift a bouquet of flowers to your near and dear ones on their special days or just to show them that you care.

We also have days when we run out of time to hit the mall to get some gifts for our friends, families or colleagues and that’s when a bouquet of flowers comes to our rescue. And with the advancement of technology, we now have the advantage to order them online with just a few clicks without having to go buy it ourselves from the florists. We all love online shopping as it saves so much of our time and energy and I love how online shopping today is not only limited to clothes, shoes and accessories alone but so much more. 

PickSmiles is one such online site which was laid with a vision to help people send their love, wrapped in delicate flowers, to the ones they keep closer to their hearts. What makes them stand out amongst so many other site is their amazing customer service and fast delivery. They are open to Same day and Midnight Delivery which I think is super cool especially for those who want to surprise their dear ones on their birthdays or anniversaries. They also offer a wide range of flowers, cakes and gifts which gets updated regularly and they deliver to almost every parts of India. Their price ranges from as low as 349INR and goes up according to the size of the products. They also have the ‘Shop by Category’ section which makes it so much easier for us to choose from the wide range of varieties. With the festive season just round the corner, PickSmiles can surely make all our lives easier and help us spread smiles! And the cherry on top? They have a 20% OFF sitewide (Coupon code: PICKSMILES20) so go order your bouquet now because there’s no feeling better than spreading happiness! 

You can visit them at : www.picksmiles.com




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