CITY GIRL ft. Vvine Clothing


Lately I’ve been obsessing over anything sporty and minimal. Also, I just can’t seem to get over the ‘White trend’ and I’m sure it’s just not me here. You guys already know how much I love mixing different trends (and prints) together. Pairing a dressy or a feminine piece with an equally feminine something is too mainstream and sometimes gets boring. Like for example, I have already paired this gorgeous crop top from VVineClothing with a high slit midi skirt but if you ask me if that’s my first choice, I’d say No. The reason being the fact that I don’t find it an ‘out of the box’ outfit and being a blogger, I love experimenting and I love it when my outfits are something more than the ‘normal’. 😀 Anything sporty with a bit of feminine touch has become kinda like my ‘go-to outfit’ and adding a bit of ‘Indian-ness’ to a modern outfit (and vice versa) gives it a whole new feel.

After receiving this beautiful crop top from VVineClothing, I knew it would be a versatile piece in my wardrobe. I could see myself wearing it with ripped denims, a nicely fitted white skirt,it can also act as a blouse under a very simple saree or I can also dress it down and make it look a lot more casual like I have done here. Also, loving the detailing in it, Pure Love ❤


You can buy this piece or check out their collection on their INSTAGRAM(here) or FACEBOOK(here) page. 🙂


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