DSC_3715 One of the most special relationships is that of a brother and sister. It is such a beautiful bond which can never be broken, come what may. Amidst all the quarrels and fights, the love never fades. What makes a brother-sister relationship special is the way each one remember the other even when they are apart.The sibling relationship plays such an important part in our lives that we have a festival to celebrate this bond, here in India. It is called the ‘Raksha Bandhan‘. At this celebration, the sister presents the brother with a woven bracelet to show their lasting bond even when they have raised their own families. These cultures also extend caregiving roles to older siblings, who are constantly expected to watch over younger siblings.

This festival is an important one like all other festivals here in India and since it happens once a year, making it a memorable one is a must. Celebrating this day together is always fun but there are times when luck just does not play its role and you end up living in different cities, apart from each other. I know how frustrating it can get but that should not stop you from celebrating Raksha Bandhan. Technology has become so handy these days that everything is just a click away. Having said that, let me introduce you all to this awesome online gifts and floral service called “Floweraura“. They deliver flowers, cakes and gifts across India for every occasions and they have launched a special box for Raksha Bandhan which consists of handmade chocolates along with a Rakhi and Tikka. So if you’re still looking for gifts for the special day, go ahead and order your box of awesomeness on the site today!


You can also find them on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 🙂


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