ADIDAS Originals ft. YEEZY BOOST 350

_DSC0648If you are following me on Instagram, you must have seen my posts on the Yeezy Boost 350 Launch. The YEEZY BOOST 350 hit the stores globally on August 22, 2015 and was launched in India for the first time. It was priced at 15999INR (241USD approx) which I think is a great deal considering the fact that it has been designed by Kanye West himself.

Due to extremely high demand, the Adidas Originals X Kanye West YEEZY BOOST 350 was released by way of an in-store raffle to make it fair enough for everyone. The launch took place at three different cities in India namely Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. 

In Delhi, designer Nikhil Mehra, designer Narendra Kumar in Mumbai and model & athelete Karan Medappa in Bangalore were a part of the launch and did the lucky draw for the customers who were queued up at the store since early morning.

The shoe marks the third footwear model launched in the historic, vastly awaited partnership between West and Adidas.The YEEZY BOOST 350 is composed of beautiful yet simple materials in a refined,elegant color palette, speaking to West’s vision for effortless, timeless footwear and apparel. Melding the forward-thinking technologies of Adidas with a classic aesthetic, the YEEZY BOOST 350 represents a bold new design ideal.

Overall, the whole event was just amazing and crazy! People started lining up outside the store since 8 in the morning and the shoe sold out in just three minutes making a record in India! 😀

Lastly, below are some pictures of the launch. Do let me know what you think of the shoe because I personally love it!! 🙂




IMG-20150822-WA0011IMG_3341 IMG_3311 IMG_3298 IMG_3288 BeautyPlus_20150822195940_save 2015-08-24 01.08.23IMG_3316


_DSC0657 _DSC0618 copy _DSC0706 copy _DSC0753 copy NARENDRA KUMAR

_DSC0761 copy _DSC0772 copy _DSC0779 copy _DSC0812 copy IMG_3275 IMG_3307_DSC0842 copy_DSC0808 copy_DSC0805 copy


IMG_3331 KARAN MEDAPPA (in blue)


WHAT I WOREBeautyPlus_20150823102843_save

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