50 Shades of Blue


Royal Blue is one of the many colors that I love. I think it’s one of the most catchy colors and one which will help any one stand out in a crowd. It’s fresh and attractive and very well gives justice to its name.Something about it makes it such a ‘royal’ color, isn’t it? And if you ask me to talk about it’s versatility, I can go on and on. This color can be worn with almost anything, be it with nautical stripes, summer floral, or any kind of prints. It will still look good as ever. 

The freshness of this color makes it a great hue for summer. Having said that, I was looking for a dress to wear (in the same color) for a get together. While browsing through one of the many online stores on Instagram (Yes!) I came across this store called BRANDLOVE which offers the most unique collection that I’ve come across so far. From tops to dresses and heels, they have everything you can name of. I was thrilled to have found an online store which completely matches my style. Scrolling down, I stumbled upon this dress and a pair of statement earrings(also worn here) of the same color and I knew I had to get them right away. I like the dress because its simple yet elegant and the little bow at the back is the highlight of the dress. Because it’s simple on the front, the statement earrings completely compliments the dress and to complete the look, I’ve worn my favorite heels of the same color. 

What do you think of this outfit? You can find a similar one (here). 🙂


What I’m wearing:

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