One of the best things about being a Fashion Blogger is that you can just express yourself through your outfits. You just don’t have to worry about your introvert self as your clothes pretty much define the person that you are. 

In my case, Street Style is the one fashion genre that reflects the person that I am and lets me be who I am. It lets me enjoy what I wear without making me feel conscious or uncomfortable. Since I love experimenting with my clothes, ‘Street Fashion’ is always a great option for me.

Having said that, I love the fact that many clothing brands are now focussing on this particular genre and bringing the best of Street Fashion in their collections. Max Fashion has clearly been one such clothing brand. I have always loved Max for its wide range of collections which comes with a super affordable price tag. This brand has always encouraged Street Style and even this time, they came up with this super exciting contest for all fashion bloggers called the ‘MaxRoadToParis‘ where each blogger is allowed to pick up a maximum of four garments from their outlet and incorporate the same into a ‘StreetStyle‘ look, which should also reflect one’s own style. Being a Street Style lover that I am, I was totally excited about the whole contest but the main reason for my excitement lies in the fact that I get to showcase(and proof) my love for Street Fashion. 

So I picked up the garments keeping in mind some of the current fashion trends of the season, which are Culottes, Pineapple print, print on print and a trend that has stayed since the time of Marilyn Monroe: Polka Dots! I have incorporated the four garments into three different looks to show how a particular garment can be so versatile and styled into not just one but many different ways. I’m going to call these looks ‘Culottes Chic’, ‘Nothing but a Pineapple‘ and ‘Polka Loving‘. (p.s: I will also be mentioning the price for each garment so that you all know how affordable these beauties are!)



Culottes are this season’s ‘IT’ pants and are not only stylish but super comfortable as well. They are the perfect pants that can help you beat the hot summer as they are easy breezy unlike regular jeans hence, can be an alternative to your normal jeans this summer! You can pair them with almost anything like tanks, kimonos, tees and even with shirts like I have styled in this look. They look super chic once paired with court heels and a sling. Since the floral shirt and the lace detailing of the culottes itself make a statement, I decided to keep it minimal without any accessories. I think this outfit is perfect for a fashion event or for a brunch date or unofficial meetings.

{Culottes: 799INR(12USD approx); Shirt: 599INR(9USD approx)}




The Pineapple print has been selling like hot cakes this summer! I was instantly bombarded with so many ideas in my mind to style this super cute top, but finally styled it with the same culottes and this time, I gave it a super casual and laid-back look by completing the outfit with just a pair of silver pointed flats and silver statement jewellery. This outfit is a perfect go-to outfit for a lunch date with your other half or a trip to the mall with your friends.

{Top: 549INR(8USD approx)}




I’ve always been into the whole idea about Polkas ever since I was eight or nine. They give such a retro vibe and the trend just gets better with time. I am a big fan of midi skirts and seeing my favorite print on one of them was surely something I was looking forward to. This particular midi skirt is a button-down, high waisted one. Instead of going mainstream, I decided to add a little twist by putting the belt on top of the shirt rather than tucking the shirt. This outfit is also inspired by the ‘print on print‘ trend. This is a perfect ‘casual day out’ outfit.

{Skirt: 699INR(11USD approx)}


So you see, how four garments can be styled into not just two sets of outfits but much more than that as long as you know the art of styling them. Fashion is all about having fun and experimenting and at the same time, just being yourself.

I hope you liked the three StreetStyle Looks that I have created and do let me know which one you like the best and would you wear it? If yes, make sure you rush to the nearest MaxFashion store near you to get the same! 🙂

You can visit their website at http://www.maxfashionindia.com/  

You can also visit their FACEBOOK page (HERE), INSTAGRAM handle (HERE) and TWITTER handle (HERE).


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