GOT SLOGAN? ft. LBUG Clothing


Slogan Tees have been one of the major trends since SS’14 and are no doubt a favorite among street style lovers, celebs and of course, bloggers. They are such a statement and are a way of wearing our thoughts on our tees. Continue reading “GOT SLOGAN? ft. LBUG Clothing”


_20150422211234_saveSummer’s officially back and it’s hotter than ever! And the worst part-this is just the beginning. I love Delhi but the only thing I dislike about it is the extreme weather here, be it Summers or Winters. But then, one can’t do anything about it except complain. Sometimes it gets on the nerve but I think I have pretty much learnt to bear the heat (up to an extent) after staying here for three years.  Continue reading “HELLO SUNSHINE!”



We just had our Graduation Day (GRAD-D) a few days back and it made me all the more nostalgic. I can’t believe it’s already been three years in Delhi AND in LSR because I can still recall the very first day I joined this college. Ah! Time flies so quickly! Continue reading “THE MODERN DRAPE”

Saumya&Bhavini Modi SS’15 Collection

DSC_1615If you’re already following me on Instagram, you must have seen some of the pictures that I’ve shared on the Saumya&Bhavini Modi SS’15 collection preview. The whole event was indeed awesome. Continue reading “Saumya&Bhavini Modi SS’15 Collection”

CLASH of PRINTS ft. Rangrage

0411050248_saveAs much as I love the monochromes, I’m also a sucker for riot of colors(as evident on my collaboration post with India Circus). The same goes with interesting prints and when these two come together, they form ‘the perfect combo’ which of course is always hard for me to dislike. 

Continue reading “CLASH of PRINTS ft. Rangrage”