To be fashion forward and be up-to-date with the current trends or being fashionable doesn’t always have to come with a heavy price or doesn’t mean wearing new clothes everyday. Likewise, being a fashion blogger does not mean going into debt just for the sake of staying on-trend or not repeating outfits. No doubt most of the famous fashion bloggers these days wear designer outfits almost every day but lets get real; that’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Our bank account doesn’t permit us to be as lucky as them and if you agree with me, you’re at the right place. Being a fashion girl on a budget is not easy but at the same time, not impossible. Ever since I came up with the idea of having a fashion blog, my main focus was to make it a budget friendly blog and to be able to connect myself with my readers, hence don’t be surprised to see at least one or two thrift store finds in every post(hehe). Yes! Thrift shopping is the key to dressing chic on a budget. You can also read about my love for thrifting (here). The other thing is that I want my readers to feel beautiful inside and out. I want you all to know that we can still be happy and content with life in spite of living on a budget.

Blogging has taught me a lot, one of which is to ‘recycle’. These days finding old or unworn clothes is no less than a treasure for me. I love mixing and matching them to bring out a whole new outfit just like the one in this post. These are some of my super old thrift finds (yes, everything is thrift-ed, except the heels and bag). These days there is hardly anything that is ‘old fashion’. Wear your granpa’s glasses, that’s fashion. Wear your mom’s old top, that’s vintage fashion. Wear your granny’s long pleated skirt, that’s fashion. That’s how fashion is in today’s generation. It’s kinda funny but amazing. So you really don’t have to feel bad about your tight budget because at the end of the day, it’s all about how well you style it or carry it off. 

So the next time you feel bad about not being able to have all the things you love, just go thrift shopping or dig your old closet and surprise yourself. Trust me, it works. Just keep in mind that Fashion does not come with a heavy price. 🙂 

425389111BeautyPlus_20150305202920_save10127What I’m wearing:

  • Lips print crop top: Thrifted (you can also D.I.Y like Sherry Shroff here
  • Skirt: Thrifted
  • Cropped denim: Thrifted (and cropped it myself)
  • Heels: Local boutique
  • Sling bag: Forever21 

If you have any queries on thrift shopping or styling, I’d be more than happy to help 😀 Connect with me on my INSTAGRAM /FACEBOOK / TWITTER



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