Everything Tattoo

hTattoos are something we all notice on people and most of them convey a deep meaning. Some people prefer large ones and some just like the idea of tiny yet meaningful ones. I am the  latter one and talking about it, I have a kind of ‘love-hate’ relationship with tattoos. Though I love the whole idea of somebody getting inked, especially the one’s which convey a story, I can never think of myself having a tattoo. Continue reading “Everything Tattoo”


3There are some trends which comes and stay forever. One such trend is the Overalls(or Dungarees) trend. This one has been one of my favorite fashion trend since I was a kid and even today, its still one of my most loved fashion piece. I love the fact that overalls are so comfortable yet so chic. Continue reading “NOT OVER IT”


BeautyPlus_20150308011919_saveAs human beings, we’re wired to stick with what’s comfortable and changing the things we are used to can get pretty stressful or sometimes it can even drop our self confidence. Talking about myself, I’m not really a fan of the whole idea of ‘change’. Continue reading “CHANGE”


To be fashion forward and be up-to-date with the current trends or being fashionable doesn’t always have to come with a heavy price or doesn’t mean wearing new clothes everyday. Likewise, being a fashion blogger does not mean going into debt just for the sake of staying on-trend or not repeating outfits. Continue reading “FAB WITHOUT A FORTUNE”