PLEATS, Please!


Have you ever wondered why women love shopping so much? If not, don’t even bother to do so because the answer to the mysterious connection between women and shopping does not exist and never will 😀


Shopping is something that’s in our genes. It also acts as a stress buster and if you think that the year has only four seasons, you’re wrong. An addition to the four seasons is the ‘Sale season’ which is the best time of the year for us. And lets get real, almost all of us look forward to it more than our Birthday or Anniversaries because this is that time of the year when we can finally afford the badass knee length boots from Steve Madden or the gorgeous pure leather satchel from Mango at half the actual price.  But in spite of the 40-60% off, we tend to think at least thrice before buying something we like which I think is pretty much fair because obviously, one cannot buy EVERY thing she likes and go bankrupt the next moment until and unless she is the daughter of a super rich businessman.

On the contrary, when men go out to shop, they prefer to pick the first thing they see as per their ‘needs’ and exit the very next moment whereas we women, will try out every single fruit on the tree before we get the best deal and no, the fear of going bankrupt is not always the reason. Reason you ask? Well, women. For instance last week, I and my friend came across this women at ALDO who was much confused and just couldn’t make up her mind between two pairs of boots. Her male friend (like all other men) was already half irritated and asked her to just take any one of them. We didn’t paid heed to their conversation because that wasn’t something unusual for us until we learnt that the women was none other than Mugdha Godse (Bollywood actor and model). It was then, that I realized we women are so similar when it comes to shopping irrespective of our professions.

Talking about sale, I almost forgot to mention that this awesome metallic skirt and hologram bag are two of my favorite sale purchases this season. I wore this outfit on a day out with my girls and since Delhi is still chilly, I did some layering and I think I did pretty much justice to the skirt and bag. Also, I think I’m improving on the ‘art of layering’, thanks to Delhi winters though I just can’t wait to style these gorgeous pieces without having to layer it.

What’s your Sale steal this season? 🙂

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What I’m wearing:

  • Coat: Thrifted
  • Polka dot sweater: Thrifted
  • Pleated metallic skirt: Promod
  • Scarf: Forever21
  • Sunnies: Forever21
  • Hologram bag: Splash
  • Leather boots: Local boutique

On my eyes: Lakme 9t05 Eyeliner (Black)

On my lips: Rimmel London (Undressed)

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Much love,

Until next time.


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