With the coming of a new year, comes a fresh new beginning. It’s the time when we’re usually bursting with motivation and promises to not repeat the mistakes of the past. During the past twelve months, I’ve learnt a lot, made few mistakes which I’ve vowed to ditch in 2015. Talking about resolutions, I honestly do not believe in it hence never really kept it. But this year, I wanted a change. So I decided to go against my ‘no-resolution’ rule and made quite a few of it which I hope to follow. People say that resolutions are meant to be kept within oneself but I believe quite the contrary. My resolutions include growing spiritually in the word of God, to finish reading the HOLY BIBLE and to focus on my life goals and priorities. I don’t mind sharing this with you guys because you all are my family who supports me no matter how irregular I am. (LOL) But like I’ve already promised, I am going to make time for my blog no matter how busy I am.

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Meanwhile, on a different note, Winter is supposed to be known as a ‘Leather Weather’. I dislike winters but my love for leather jacket compels me to look forward for Winters every year. Leather is also one of the most versatile and timeless piece of fashion. It can never grow old. Because I already own a black leather jacket, I decided to get a tan one this time which I happen to like it better. I have already paired this with so many outfits, say a dress, leather pants, jumpsuits, denims and of course this time, a skirt. Since the jacket in itself gives a biker and an edgy feeling, I decided to balance the edginess with a feminine floral skirt. To make it all the more dressy, I completed the look with a crop top and gold heels which kind of gave a party vibe. This outfit can be worn at any informal events, get together, date nights or even to the pub for all you party animals 😉

What I’m Wearing

  • Crop top: Forever21
  • Floral skirt: Forever21
  • Leather Jacket: Forever21
  • Heels: Local boutique

Hope you all liked this outfit. If you do, don’t forget to show some love on my


Until next time,

Lots of love!


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