How does time change itself and people is no less than a mystery. It certainly has a knack of bringing a mighty change in one’s life. For instance, four years ago, I had no idea that my life would be like this today, you know; the twist and turns, the hi and low and some uncertainties like this. Sure enough I have become more independent, which is a great thing. Today, I am a Fashion Blogger, a Final year English student graduating in few months. It surely isn’t easy to play multiple roles but juggling between the things I love and the things I know I have to fulfill has become an altogether easier task for me because this is what has helped me grow and be more responsible and independent.

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But talking about the past and the days spent, my school days’ memories are the only one’s that are extremely vivid in my mind even today. If only time was in my hands, I would go back to my school days. I miss those days which have turned into memories. It makes me feel so fresh, reminiscing those days, when life was free from all worries, fears and responsibilities, when examinations were deemed to be the toughest part in our lives. Of course, one cannot bring back memories of the old school days but what one can do is relive those moments in a way or the other. In our times (and even today) almost every school has a dress code which every student ought to follow so dressing up for school was never really something to even think about. I have always come across blog posts and YouTube videos on ‘Back to School’ outfits so I thought this was a great way for me to relive my school days. So sure enough I opted for this dress from FabAlley which I think is so cute.

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FabAlley, as most of us have come across, is the ultimate destination for all our fashion needs. It has a collection of almost everything. Being up to date in the latest style, it has become one of the best and most preferred shopping site for all the fashion forward girls. The website is a crazy house of everything from Clothing, Accessories, Bags and Shoes. Being an online shopaholic, this is one of my most recommended site and the best part? They offer International Shipping as well!

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Talking about my outfit, since I wanted to keep it more of a monochromatic look, I decided to pair the cool dress with a white satchel, keeping the girly vibe and my ultimate favorite chunky shoes with a cute print kitty stockings and threw a knitted cardigan to beat the cool Delhi breeze.

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Hope you liked the ‘Back to School’ outfit that I’ve created and do visit the FabAlley website and also, if you happen to like anything, you can avail a 20% on any purchase above 1000INR (16USD approx). All you need to do is apply “FABALLEY20” at checkout. Sounds great right? 🙂

What I wore:

  • Dress: FabAlley (here)
  • Bag: FabAlley (here)
  • Cardigan: Gifted
  • Kitty stockings: Forever21
  • Chunky heels: Jabong
  • Watch: Fossil
  • On my lips: VeryBery by FACES

p.s: This is my last blog post until my exams get over but you can stay connected with me on

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