Before I start off with my post, I’d like to ask you all, “What is your definition of being SEXY?” Like many, I mistakenly thought that being sexy was all about having the ‘right’ look, ‘right’ body, ‘right’ voice, or the ‘right’ clothing. Here, by ‘right’ I mean wearing ‘revealing’ and as ‘minimal’ clothes as possible.

I was Wrong.

I have come to realize that ‘sexiness’ has nothing to do with outer appearance and contrary to what media tries to portray to us, it cannot be bought at the local mall. Being sexy is all about being comfortable in your own skin, to begin with. Of course, I have body issues and often complain about it. Like many others, I often wish I could fit in a size ‘S’. But you see, everyone is not equal, so are our bodies. Just like some of us wish to be on the skinnier side, the same goes with thin girls who are struggling to gain weight. So, the first thing every girl must understand is that ‘beauty’ does not lie in our ‘body’. One might be skinny or on the heavier side. All we should know is that being sexy is all about being comfortable in one’s own skin.

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Smartness is Sexiness and one doesn’t have to be a tenured professor at Harvard to be smart. Smartness is one of those things that can be cultivated. Just having an interest or passion and focusing on it is enough. It shows that one is thinking about something other than themselves and that is Sexy.

Most of us often think that revealing clothes makes one sexy. Wearing a tube dress or the shortest skirt from our closet makes us look sexy. Its time we realize that these are just some stereotypical concepts that we’ve made up in our minds. As long as one has a good personality or is comfortable and confident in what she wears. she is Sexy. True sexiness comes from within, not from the clothes we wear.

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So, keeping this in mind, when the StalkBuyLove team asked me to pick some products that I like, I chose to wear this Little Black Dress and pair it up with this Quirky Lips Bag. We all know how important is a Little Black Dress in a girl’s closet. There is nothing as having too much LBD’s. They also come in different styles be it shift, pencil, A line, skater, etc. and these does not necessarily have to be super short or revealing. This LBD that I chose has this kind of a little off shoulder style so I was not very sure about it but then since it wasn’t too revealing nor was it deep necked, I decided to go with it anyway because this was truly love at first sight. Also, to be honest, since I do not feel confident wearing super short dresses or skirts(also because of my heavy bottom) I was happy that the dress was just a little above the knee and not very short and I could carry it off with ease without having to feel uncomfortable. 



uuuuu uuuuuuuuu

To conclude, If I could sum up the number one secret of being Sexy, it would be ‘To be Yourself’. Unlike great beauty or wealth, sexiness is something we can all cultivate for free. While it may not all be easy for some of us to do so, it is nonetheless impossible.

So, just be Confident, be Smart and be Comfortable in what you wear and you’re already BRINGING SEXY BACK! 😉

What I’m wearing:

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Hope you guys liked my post. Do let me know what’s Your idea of Being Sexy! 😉

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