What would you do if you’re a shopaholic with a tight budget? Still prefer the mall or head straight to the thrift shops? As for me, I always tend to choose the latter because why not? If I can find two to three clothing in less than 500 INR ( approx 8$), I’d happily prefer that any day. Now when I talk about thrift shops, the first(and only) place I can think of is Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi. This place is literally ‘Paradise on Earth’ for all the shopaholics with a budget.



Sarojini Nagar Market is basically like a flee market and a hub of fashion finds at super cheap and affordable prices. Most of the clothing items are Made in India, China or Thailand and if we are lucky enough we might even get hold on some high end brands like Mango, Vero Moda, French Connection, River Island and more. Since this is my favorite place, i come here every once in a while and I’ve become quite a smart buyer. I make sure I argue (not in a very bad way though! Haha) with the shopkeepers because that’s how this place works. (LOL) If we’re easy with them, they try to trick us by pricing their products at a price higher than it should be. Believe me, I’ve never bought anything for more than 350 INR( 6$ approx).




The best thing about thrift shopping is that we happen to find branded clothing which are priced almost free of cost. For instance, I got this Geometric print kimono from River Island on my last trip to Sarojini for just 200 INR(4$ approx). The next day, while browsing through see here), I found the same kimono priced at 3912 INR (63$ approx) after discount. The actual price was a whooping 4890 INR( 80$ appr0x). After seeing that, I just could not believe my eyes. It was surely a huge steal. Thanks to Sarojini Nagar Market. 😉




Since I wanted to look casual yet dressed up, I paired up the kimono with a bottom frilled skirt, and a pair of anchor flats and studded bag for a day out with my friends. The thing I love about this kimono is that it is so versatile. It can also be paired with an LBD (little black dress) and a pair of heels or a high waisted pants and sneakers for a street style look.



Hope you liked the post and for those of you who haven’t visited this place, do let me know if you all want to see a clearer view of what this ‘Paradise on Earth’ looks like. 😉

What I wore:

  • Geometric Print Kimono : Thrifted (RIVER ISLAND)
  • Black inner: Per Una
  • Bottom Frilled Skirt: Forever21
  • Anchor flats: StreetStyleStore
  • Studded bag: G.K-1, M block market
  • Watch: fossil
  • Aviators: Forever21






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Until next time,








12 thoughts on “THRIFTY CENT

    1. Thank you Themhoichong! 🙂 To tell you the truth, I am hopeless when it comes to beauty and skin care but will surely make a post once I’m done with all my collaborations. Promise 🙂 xx

  1. i never give more than…250…i m a good bargainer…like ur article…miss sarojini market..wish bangalore too had sarojini market..:)

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