Like I have already mentioned in my previous post, there is nothing like too much of a Little Black Dress. Also, these days I am a sucker for black. I tend to choose black over any color so I’m guessing I have fallen a little too hard for it. Well, who doesn’t ? 🙂  Continue reading “PEEK-A-BOO!!”



What would you do if you’re a shopaholic with a tight budget? Still prefer the mall or head straight to the thrift shops? As for me, I always tend to choose the latter because why not? If I can find two to three clothing in less than 500 INR ( approx 8$), I’d happily prefer that any day. Now when I talk about thrift shops, the first(and only) place I can think of is Sarojini Nagar Market in New Delhi. This place is literally ‘Paradise on Earth’ for all the shopaholics with a budget. Continue reading “THRIFTY CENT”