Being a Fashion blogger and a fashion enthusiast, it always is a great pleasure to see well dressed people around me. Now don’t get me wrong but to speak the truth, I am always a little more biased towards people who makes an effort to look good than those who always turn up ill dressed. Having said that, I consider myself lucky for having a whole bunch of friends who always makes it a point to dress up and put their best foot forward every single time.



Their sense of style amazes me. Every one of us will admit the fact that Fashion bloggers face fashion dilemmas too. Like, when you just can’t decide between two different outfits for an event or between two products you happen to find online or at the mall. It is during days like these that these lovely fashionistas come to my rescue. It indeed is a wonderful feeling to have friends with whom I share so much in common.  

So this was exactly the reason why I wanted to feature them on my blog. They’re stylish, they’re fun loving, and surely some of the best people in my life.  

Meet Christy. The tallest though youngest in the group. Just one meeting is all it takes to adore her completely. She’s a sweetheart. Her fashion mantra is all about keeping it girly and simple yet classy. Her wardrobe consists of sky-high sandals (yeah she’s tall but that’s the way she likes it), maxis, pencil skirts, chic tops and ripped denims.










And, this is Kiki. My secret box (because I tell her all my secret without having the fear of it being let out). She is more into the edgier side though she hops to vintage and girly silhouettes depending on her mood. I love her, also because I can drag her shopping anytime I want to, without having to hear any complaints. (haha) Crop tops with shorts or denims are her go-to outfits. A die hard Kylie Jenner fan. That’s her. 










And meet Jezreel! Surely one of the prettiest friend I have. She’s the craziest one among us. A make up hoarder and a shoeholic. (just like me) We trust her when it comes to makeup because that’s what she’s best at. Anything and everything looks good on her but to name one, she loves keeping it glam chic and comfortable. Her wardrobe consist of shoes and more shoes and of course, makeups.  










The reason why I’ve only featured three out of the whole bunch of friends is because I wanted to make sure this post is not too long as I am afraid I might bore you all. So, I’ve chosen three of my favorite fashionista friends to help me with this post. 




I hope you guys like what you read. 

Your comments are always welcomed 🙂 Also, you can follow them on Instagram here:  

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That’s all for now 

Until next time, 

Love, Mawi 



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