Mawi’svintage for India Circus


My mom and I have always been more partial towards bold and bright colors in comparison to pastels or dark hues, to be very honest. Anything quirky and bright attracts us instantly. Our home in itself is a proof of the same. The interior of our house is ruled by the boldest of colors and so are the decorative showpieces (read; curtains and cushions too).

Sure enough when I was contacted by the India Circus team, I had to check out their website and the very moment I came across all the quirky and bold pieces, I fell in love, right away.

India Circus is more like a colorful canvas by Krsna Mehta, the very creative director and brain behind all the genius artwork happening in the website. His creativity does not only limit to bold and happy colors but also quirky prints like auto rickshaws, taxis, wild flowers, Rajasthani turbans, mustaches and so much more. Everything from home décor to your very own personal style, you will find it all. From cushion covers, bowties, dresses, bags, notebooks to socks, iphone or ipad covers, the list goes on. In simple words, his very style reflects all that the richness and varied heritage that our India is. As a whole, it offers contemporary-chic, sophisticated and affordable style.

Having said that, it was indeed a difficult task for me to choose from the wide range of varieties that offers so much. Nevertheless, I finally made up my mind with the Blossom roses Jhola bag and the Funky transport watch. I have teamed them up with a bright yellow tunic dress and my current favorite pair of Birkenstocks. I’ve decided to go minimal with the accessories and let the watch and bag do the talking, hence wore a pair of ‘Love-Hate’ earrings to complete the look.










11 (2)


What I’m wearing:

  • Tunic dress: AND
  • Shoes: Carlton London
  • Earrings: Forever21
  • Belt: Thrifted

You can also follow them on InstagramFacebook and Twitter 🙂

For more updates you can also follow me on my InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

Until next time,

Love, Mawi:)







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