Skirting the Issue!


As much as I love wearing dresses and skirts, I do not feel comfortable in them every time. If you’re living in a city like Delhi, you’d understand why. I feel anything above the knee suits me better because I do not have a slim body and also because I am only 5ft something.


But well, “Wear what you’re comfortable in”-this is my fashion mantra and I stick to it. I love maxis, be it dresses or skirts. They have some kind of classy feeling in them. And, they are oh-so-comfortable that I don’t mind wearing them the whole day. I wish I was taller so that I can wear them more often. With long skirts, I can step out of the house without having to feel conscious about people staring at me.


Here, I have teamed up a long high waisted skirt with an embellished crop top. So, you see, crop tops are not meant only for shorts or killer skirts. They can be classy as well . As I always say, don’t be afraid to experiment. Create your own style instead of blindly following trends. That’s how fashion works. 🙂


Well, I’d recommend every girl to have at least one maxi in their wardrobe. It’s almost as important as an LBD. Because they are pretty enough to be worn when you’re out for shopping, lunch date, date night, cocktail parties, fashion weeks, and almost everywhere. But just make sure you team it up with an equally beautiful top and with the right blend of accessories to avoid making a mess.


p.s: Feel free to inbox me on my Facebook page(here) or simply contact me if you have any doubts on how to pair your own maxi 😉

What I’m wearing

  • Crop top: River Island (buy it here)
  • Long skirt: Thrift ed
  • Heels: Zara
  • Sling bag: Westside
  • Watch: Fossil
  • Dangling Earrings: Local boutique
  • Bracelets: Forever21

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