A beautiful mess- WHAT’s IN MY BAG?


Recently I have been asked by many of the followers of my blog and page to put up a post about “What’s in my bag?” Well, thinking about the same, we all know that this is one of the most common posts by every (fashion) blogger and I was excited to put up a post myself.

So today, I thought of giving you a little peek inside my bag and the items in it. First of all let me tell you that I am a huge fan of bags and I love matching them with the outfit I’m wearing. I have a huge collection of bags and it’s still counting. Bags, I feel are worth indulging upon rather than apparels or jewelries. My love for bags is almost the same as my love for shoes. It’s a never ending story. Similarly, I love to stuff things on my bag and whether they are useful or not is all together a different story.(hehe)

So, what is in my bag, you ask? 🙂


1)      Wallet (really all I need)

2)      Handkerchief .

3)      Water bottle (because spending some extra penny for water is so not worth)

4)      Best pen(s) in the world.

5)      Because I’m not allowed to enter college without it (who wants to anyways?!hehe)

6)      The most essential make up for me.

7)      Can’t step out without.

8)      After a long and rough auto ride.

9)      In case of emergency. Thanks to mom.

10)   Because I hate keeping my hair loose for the whole day(esp. During summers)

11)   Keys for everything.

12)   In case of extreme hunger(lol)

13)   Everybody loves to smell good. Even I do(of course)

14)   Mostly during winters.

15)  Hand sanitiser. Thanks to my best friend. Inherited this ‘good’(thank goodness)habit from her for the first time 😉

16)   Charger and earphone!( esp. When you have a smart phone!admit it!)

17)   Sunglasses.Always.

18)   A kindle.That one thing you need when you’re travelling a long way all alone in the metro.

19)   VERY IMPORTANT (in bold letters)

20)   Weirdest things(well, for some of you) I carry on my bag- Tons of used receipts/papers and a plastic spoon.

Now THAT is a realistic “What’s in My Bag”. What kind of crap would I find if I dumped out your bag?




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