Welcome back readers!

Traditional dance of the Hmars, known as 'Bamboo dance'

First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for giving such positive feedback and honest response towards my first blog post. To be honest, I never expected my stats to blow up with the number of traffic it received in just a little amount of time.  Thank
you all for being so wonderful.

                                                So here, my second blog is all about my rich culture; the culture that I belong, the culture that I grew up with, the culture that’s known as the ‘Hmar’ culture. This blog is about the biggest festival of the Hmars(our tribe) which is commonly known as ‘Sikpuiruoi’ which is the ‘winter festival of the Hmars’. So, basically, as its name suggests, it is widely celebrated on the month of December and we, the Hmars of Delhi witnessed this much awaited day on the 7th of December(Saturday), in the grandest way possible.604044_10200253308055487_499515810_nGreat location, great music, good food, good everything. On this day, to mark our culture and identity, every one was supposed to turn up in their best traditional attires.

As for me, I opted for a combination of green and black. Because I am a little too obsessed with frilled bottom skirts and also because its so ‘in fashion’ at the moment, I asked my mom to get a similar one for me. And my awesome mom got me one, adding a traditional flavor to it. The frilled part of the skirt was covered with a piece of our traditional wrapper (known as ‘Puon’ in Hmar). So, you see, it made it all the more unique than the common ‘puon’ that every other person was wearing at the event.
And I also loved it because its quite easy to carry off with your heels for a long day ahead. I’ve teamed the skirt with a white sheer shirt and a green V-neck sweater to beat the Delhi winters. Since, I love layering, I showed my love for this style by experimenting it with my neck pieces. The three different neck pieces, after layering looked like a real ‘statement jewelry’ and I’m glad they turned out pretty nice. My favorite pair of the Zara court shoes is all that was needed to complete my look for the event.



  • Sweater: Madame
  • Skirt: Stitched
  • Sheer Shirt: Forever New
  • Neck pieces and rings : Forever 21, Thrifted
  • Heels: Zara
  • Bag: 8teenstyle boulevard

Thanks for reading 🙂
Love, Mawi


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